Russell Simmons apologizes for posting a sex video featuring a Harriet Tubman look alike on YouTube.

16 Aug

Russell Simmons, the founder of Def Jam Records, apologized for posting a parody video posted on his YouTube channel.

The video portrayed a Harriet Tubman look alike having sex with a slave master.

The video was posted on Wednesday, and is now removed.

Harriet Tubman is recognized for traveling the Underground Railroad 19 times to free slaves.

According to Simmons said, “My first impression of the Harriet Tubman piece was that it was about what one of [the] actors said in the video, that 162 years later, there’s still tremendous injustice.” also quoted Simmons saying, “I can now understand why so many people are upset, “he added. “I would never condone violence against women in any form, and for all of those I offended, I am sincerely sorry.”

Simmons removed the clip after a call from National Association for Advancement of Colored people.


Marching for Martin Could Lead to Imprisonment for Marissa

25 Jul





Some anti-violence activists are protesting to get rid of “stand your ground” laws. Marissa Alexander’s legal team hopes this law will work in her favor. Alexander is a woman from Florida. Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012, for discharging warning shots to scare away her allegedly abusive husband.

According to Alexander’s lawyers have begun filing an appeal. stated lead attorney Bruce Zimet said,”we have filed our briefs, the state of Florida has filed their briefs, and we’re waiting for the first district court of appeals in Tallahassee to set oral arguments or render an opinion.”

Since no one was hurt or murdered, you would think that her sentencing wouldn’t be so harsh. Lets hope that this appeal works out in Alexander’s favor.



LHHA’s Mimi Goes Off on Opinionated Fans

25 Jul

Love and Hip Hop’s Mimi Faust went off on Instagram. Mimi used Kandi Barruss’ instagram to clear up some drama.

Mimi revealed she got a boob job on LHHA. Media Takeout released pictures of breast. Media Takeout is claiming the pictures are of Mimi’s breast before she had surgery.

Clearly Ms. Mimi didn’t like that. Mimi said “If you want to see some Mother F***ing titties talk to me don’t post no bullsh** about me.”

Mimi didn’t stop there. She told everyone to “chill the f*** out about her breastfeeding her daughter for three years—it’s not that serious.”

Where is this pop off Mimi when its time to set Joseline straight??


Kenya Earns More Than Phaedra For RHOA Season Six

25 Jul


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is known for being crazy, but now she will be crazy paid. Who can blame Ms. “Gone with the Wind Fabulous?” Moore’s wild reality-TV behavior landed her a hefty check for season six of RHOA.

Kenya will be a very rich b**ch, along with Nene leakes. Moore will make $600,000 next season. But Nene and Kandi Burruss are still the richest b***hes on RHOA. According to Us Weekly Nene and Kandi will make $800,000 for season six.

Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stuwart are at the bottom of the totem pole making $60,000 a season.

We’ll see what “Ms. Stallion Booty,” aka Kenya, brings to the table this season to keep her money.

Are African-Americans’ Dollars Fueling Racism?

23 Jul


A small stockpile of African-American hair products are lined up along the back wall, and rows of short racks hang without enough products to fill them in the ALL In One Hair Store, a black-owned beauty supply store.

“Buy one get one half off” is plastered on the billboard outside the store. Which is located across from the Walgreens on Adams Street. Discounts like these are not typical at most beauty supply stores, but storeowner Lawrence McGriff said offering deals help him stay in business.

McGriff opened the business with his cousin, Hank Hersey and brother, Ced West, almost two years ago when he realized there were not any black-owned beauty supply stores in Tallahassee.

Some black beauty supply owners said without the support of the black community, and with the difficulties of purchasing products from Korean- owned distributors, it is a lot of work to stay open. According to McGriff, Korean distributors refuse to sell him certain products because he is too close to competitors with identical products.

“A lot of times, what the foreigners will do is buy up stores in order to eliminate blacks.” McGriff said. “Once they buy that territory, it eliminates you from coming in and being able to buy products wholesale at the same price as his Korean competitors.

“I wont get it at their price,” he said. “A lot of times what we buy it for is what they sell their hair for.”

Sharhonda Williams also experienced distribution problems since opening Final Touch Beauty Supply in June 2011.

“Certain companies only cater to their own people,” Williams said. “When you’re in a business like this, things should be a lot more fair.”

Williams said she experiences discrimination when she meets Korean distributors in person.

“We have gone into places in Atlanta and the way they treat you, you don’t want to do business with them,” Williams said.

A documentary by Aron Ranen, “Black Hair Industry Robbed and Dominated by Koreans,” Claims Koreans began dominating the black hair industry in the early ‘60s, with the help of American and Korean governments.

The Chosun Ilbo, a newspaper in South Korean manufactures persuaded the Korean government to ban the export of raw hair, except from Korean manufacturers themselves, in 1965. Six months later, the United Sates banned the import of raw hair from China.

According to report from the Urban Media Foundation, the Korean Beauty Supply Association attributes the dominance in the black hair care industry to Korean immigrants opening wig shops in the 1980s, gaining funding to start small businesses in urban regions.

Skye Christian, founder and owner of Romeo’s Kisses Glamorous Hair, said she has not had any trouble finding distribution for her business since it opened less than a year ago.

“When its about money, nothing is about color.” She said.

Christian is an independent sales representative for virgin hair in Tallahassee. Her interest in selling hair peaked when she realized she was a consistent consumer of the hair industry, purchasing at least $300 worth of hair per month. Christian said the distributors she has done business with are generous.

“They hunt me down,” she said. “They try to send me free stuff. They say, “Hey, we’ll give you gifts to give to your customers.”

Many people are using the virgin hair trend to start new businesses.

Brittany Johnson, owner and founder of Pretty Remi Hair boutique, said she used to work at a large Korean beauty supply store in Tallahassee, and one day she asked her employer what it took to open a beauty supply store.

“She actually told me they don’t help other races.” Johnson said.

After hearing her boss’ response, Johnson said she stopped working at that beauty supply store and began making plans to open her own boutique, which opened in September 2012. Johnson has experienced difficulties trying to purchase non-virgin hair to sell in her store. She said Korean distributors “Will not sell hair to you if you’re on the same street as another hair store.”


Ex-Basketball Wife Claims She’s Broke

23 Jul

Miami Heat basketball star Dwayne Wade will pay ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, $ 5 million dollars to settle their divorce.

This settlement comes after one of Funches many crazy antics. Last week Funches sat in the front of a Chicago courthouse with a sign that read “NBA Miami Heat Star, mother of his children on the streets.”

Truth be told Funches isn’t close to being broke. According to many sources Wade has paid ex-wife $1million dollars once before. With that came a home in which he pays the mortgage, four cars, insurance and paid lawyers fees. Funches wants more. She wants half of Wade’s endorsements.

We will see how long this $5 million dollars will keep Funches quiet. My question is, why this ex-basketball wife isn’t trying to get a show? Or at least attempting to make her way on Iyanla’s show to fix her life!



Beyoncé’s Hair Gets Snatched At A Concert

23 Jul

During a concert in Montreal Beyoncé’s hair extensions went for a whirlwind. The Diva’s luxurious, long-blond weave got caught in a fan; during her performance.

Queen B used Instagram to poke fun at the incident. Beyoncé uploaded the video of her singing, while security attempted to release her from the large stage fan. If you think that’s funny check out her remix to Halo “hair stuck in the fan edition.”


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